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Average time to confirm the cashback



Shop TermsCashback
For each purchased and confirmed purchase you receive up to{{cashback}}%


Add goods to your cart after activating the cashback

For each confirmed and completed purchase you receive up to
{{cashback}}% cashback.

Terms of Service:

  • Cashback is only earned for goods or services added to the cart, reserved or ordered only after clicking through from Blaginki.com to {{title}} site. If you have added products to your cart prior to that, you need to remove them and add them again once being redirected. It is obligatory to go through the link of Blaginki.com to {{title}} before each order for the correct tracking of the cashback.
  • From the time of visitng the shop, it should not take longer than 6 hours.
  • Cashback is not earned on delivery and other additional services. Cashback is not earned when using promo code and/or referal code and / or purchasing gift vouchers.
  • For purchases through the partner's mobile app, cashback cannot earned.


For the successful tracking of your cashback, please follow our recommendations below


Some extensions can prevent the correct tracking of your cashback. In particular, these could be but only Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, extensions to other cashback services and VPN / Proxy / Socks. We recommend that you use a separate browser for cashback purchases without any additional extensions.


Close any additional tabs and browser windows before making purchases and clear the cookies and cache on your browser.


Make your purchase within one browser session, after the browser is closed, the information that Blaginki.com exchanges with the partner site is deleted.


In incognito mode, the shop will not be able to determine where the customer is visiting the website from and will not pay a commission.


When making multiple transactions at once, you need to click through from Blaginki.com to the partner's website before each transaction. Otherwise, cashback will only be earned on the first transaction.


If the cashback is not tracked within 5 hours from the date of your order, please cancel the order and make a new one by carefully following our recommendations.


If you are making your purchase via the shop's mobile app, cashback is not earned.


Do you have any questions or need help with your order? Please contact our support team at blaginki@blaginki.com or drop us a message on our Facebook Messenger - we will help you get your cashback!

Cashback from {{title}} with Blaginki.com. {{title}} is partner of Blaginki.com. Shop with cashback from {{title}} and you will get back part of your money you spent as cashback.

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