Recommendations when shopping with cashback

For a successful cashback, please follow our purchase recommendations.

Turn off browser extensions.

Some extensions can prevent proper cache collection. In particular, these are Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, extensions to other cache services and VPN / Proxy / Socks. We recommend that you use a separate browser to buy a cashback without additional extensions.

Please make your purchase within one browser session.

After the browser is closed, the transition information from to the partner’s site is deleted.

Close all additional tabs and browser windows before making purchases.

We recommend that you clear the cache on your browser.

Do not use 'Incognito' mode.

In incognito mode, the shop will not be able to determine where the buyer is coming from and will not pay a commission.

When booking multiple hotels at once, you need to switch from to before each reservation.

Otherwise, cashback will only be charged for the first reservation.

What do you have to do if the cashback is not charged?

If the cashback is not charged within 5 hours from the date of the booking, please cancel the reservation and make a new one by carefully following the service’s recommendations.

Have questions, need help booking? Please contact our support team on – we will help you get the cashback!

Please note!

You can not change an already booked reservation.

Upon purchase through the shop’s mobile app, cashback is not charged.

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