Frequently Asked Questions

What is cashback?

Cashback – this is returning the client part of the value of the service when making a purchase. Some of our shops offer a discount at the moment of purchase with a promo code, and others get a cashback.

How much money will I get back?

The amount of cashback depends on shop conditions. The exact amount of cashback is shown on the shop page in the “Percent” section.

How can I withdraw my cashback?

You can withdraw funds on a bank card or through PayPal. The collected amount can be withdrawn upon the minimum threshold of €5.00 has been reached.

What should I do to get a cashback?

The first step is to register. Then go to the shop page on visit partner’s page and make a purchase as usual. Cashback will be automatically applied to your account.

On each shop page, you can find detailed instructions on how to shop with cashback.

When can I withdraw my cashback?

Withdraw of a cashback can only take place after receiving confirmation of the purchase from the shop. In most cases, shops confirm the purchase within 30-45 days.

After confirming the purchase, an email will be sent to you.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdraws amount is €5.00.

Is there a difference in the price of goods and services when purchasing with cashback?

Prices in online shops are the same as in a normal purchase without going through You can easily check this by visiting our partner’s site via another computer or phone.

Where does the cashback come from? Why does the shop pay the customer?

Advertising is an essential part of the budget of any merchant or online shop. These funds can be spent on banner advertising, newspaper advertisements, or partner commissions to lead them to a client. is exactly such a partner. We receive a reward for attracting customers, and we give part of our reward to you in the form of cashback.

In what currency is the cashback paid?

Cashback is paid in Euro. In case you shop from an international shop, the amount of your cashback is calculated based on the exchange rate of the European Central Bank on the day of purchase.

Will a cashback be earned if I place my order over the phone?

No, for orders placed over the phone, shops do not pay a fee to In order to get a cashback, you must place your order online through the shop website.

What shall I do if I want to change my order?

You need to cancel your old order first, then visit the shop page by going through and making a new order.

How fast is a cashback request processed?

Requests for cashback withdrawal are processed for 2 days, but it usually takes much less time.

My order has not been verified and the cashback has been canceled. Why?

The shop may not confirm the order and cancel the cashback if it considers that the order is not made according to the terms and conditions. In such a situation, you should refer to and we will help clarify the issue.

Why did the cashback amount change after the order confirmation?

Before the order is confirmed, the shop checks all terms of the purchase and, if there is any reason, a recalculation of the cashback is made.

For example, in the case of a dispute about the order from XXXXX, the buyer receives compensation or applies a promotional code, an additional discount, and so on. This means that the actual price of the order has changed, so the amount of cashback is changing.

My order did not appear in my purchase history. Why?

All correctly executed orders are reflected in the history of consumer purchases. If the order is not reflected within a certain time period, then the fixation process was hindered by a technical problem with the purchase.

The estimated confirming time of the purchase is indicated on each page of the shop. If the order is not reflected within the specified period, it must be canceled and re-registered carefully following the shop’s recommendations. Our team will help you make your purchase with cashback.

Why do I see a message saying that AdBlock prevents cashback earning?

A warning message appears if the ad blocker (Adblock or other) is installed in the browser and is displayed in the latest versions of Opera, Chrome, as the blocking device is the default.

First, make sure you have cookies enabled. Then try clearing your browser history by deleting the history and cache all the time (cookies, other sites, and plug-in data, and Images and other files stored in the cache).

The reason may be in antivirus or firewall. Try temporarily disabling them.

Why is the order covered by a different amount?

Sometimes the order information may be passed on to us by the affiliate network of the shop, not in its full size (the amount of the order may be a value of €0.00) Or no order data (use of the promotional code, discounts, etc.).

Do not worry, in case of confirmation of the order from the shop, all data will be adjusted according to the actual costs of the product or service, the cashback will be credited to the correct amount.